Lesson Archives

  1. References

    This video provides a listing of useful Technical, Financial, Leadership and Culture references. It is highly recommended that you take some time to research these references for your own knowledge and awareness.
  2. Resources

  3. Defensible Budgets

    This video summarises what elements combined to create a Defensible Budget.
  4. Introduction to Asset Management

    This video provides a brief introduction to Asset Management and Strategic Asset Management Planning.
  5. Module 2 Content

    In this video Peter introduces five fundamental questions that will be addressed in Module 2 of the Strategic Asset Management Plan course.
  6. What are Assets?

    In this video Peter addresses the first of the fundamental questions, namely What are Assets and What is the value that those Assets bring to an organisation.
  7. What is Asset Management?

    In this video Peter explains that there are two different but similar definitions of what Asset Management is. The definition from the ISO Standard is more appropriate for senior people from an organisation whereas the definition from the Asset Management Council is more appropriate for technical or financial people from an organisation.
  8. The Role of Asset Management

    In this video Peter addresses what the role and worth of Asset Management is. Peter does this by explaining why organisations need to development effective Asset Management Systems to identify what the organisation wants to do and how to deliver value with the assets that are available.
  9. The Worth of Asset Management

    In this video Peter continues to elaborate on what the Role and Worth of asset management is.
  10. The Asset Management Models

    In this video Peter runs through three Models developed by the Asset Management Council (Australia) that can be used to explain 'what, why and how' from an Asset Management perspective.