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  1. Performance Monitoring & Improvement in terms of Identifying and Delivering Asset Management Objectives

    In this video Peter describes the final component of the Asset Management Systems model. This is monitoring and continuous improvement, and he explains why this is important and why all Asset Managers must do it.
  2. Capability Delivery Model (Systems Engineering)

    In this video we move onto the next part of the Asset Capability Delivery Model, Systems Engineering. Peter once again delves into elements of the Systems Engineering process to give you a better understanding and teach you how to use this same method.
  3. Capability Delivery Model (Acquisition, Operations & Maintenance)

    In this video Peter delves into the ongoing support considerations that accompany any decision that is made to buy, lease or acquire a new asset. He does this by highlighting which steps in the Capability Delivery Model cover the integrated support environment and whole of life costs considerations, and then explaining each step and how and why you should be using them.
  4. Capability Delivery Model (Configuration Management and Continuous Improvement)

    Peter moves onto the next part of the Capability Delivery Model 'Process Monitoring, Configuration Management and Continuous Improvement'. He explains the relationship between the various activities and the benefits to be gained by implementing the processes.