Asset Management Objectives 101

Asset Management Objectives 101

Asset Management Objectives 101


Course Summary:

This course presents key information on both how Asset Management Objectives are derived from stakeholder and organisational requirements and the role those objectives have in assuring the achievement of business outcomes.

Intended Audience:

  • Individuals who wish to gain the knowledge to become a Certified Associate in Asset Management (CAAM)
  • Individuals who wish to improve the asset management capability of their organisation
  • Upcoming Asset Managers who wish to improve their understanding of how to deliver business outcomes

Course Objectives:

  • Gain an understanding of what Asset Management Objectives are
  • Gain an awareness of the relationship between stakeholder requirements, organisational objectives and Asset Management Objectives
  • Gain an awareness of how to derive Asset Management Objectives
  • Gain an awareness of how Asset Management Objectives can be used to assure the achievement of business outcomes


  1. Organisational Objectives

    Knowing what your Organisational Objectives are, and also that there is a requirement for them to be documented in the Strategic Asset Management Plan is important information that should not be overlooked. This video briefly outlines what Organisational Objectives are and how they are to be used.
  2. Asset Management Objectives

    Despite mentioning Asset Management Objectives in many previous videos, we have not yet provided a detailed explanation of what is an Asset Management Objective. In this video we finally give you that explanation.
  3. Hierarchy of Asset Management Objectives

    While all Asset Management Objectives are important we like to think of each objective fitting into a hierarchical scheme meaning that you need each objective to work together to reach to overall objective.
  4. Asset Management Objectives - 3 Key Questions

    In this video Peter poses three key questions about Asset Management Objectives. Peter then explains the purpose of these questions and what results you can get from the answers.
  5. Costs over the Life Cycle

    In this video Peter discusses Costs Over the Life Cycle using a diagram developed by staff from the Asset Management Council.
  6. Asset Management Objectives and Revenue

    In this video Peter discusses why it is important for Asset Managers to be aware of their organisation's Chart of Accounts, and how the Asset Management Objectives should demonstrably be linked to revenue.