ISO 55001 101

ISO 55001 101

ISO 55001 101

Course Summary:

This course provides an overview of the ISO 55000 Asset Management series of standards and how to use ISO 55001 requirements to drive improved business outcomes. Further, this course provides information on how to develop an ISO 55001 implementation plan.

Intended Audience:

  • Individuals who wish to improve the asset management capability of their organisation
  • Individuals responsible for ISO 55000 compliance and/or implementing ISO 55001 requirements 


  • Gain an awareness of the ISO 5500x suite of standards
  • Gain an awareness of the Asset Management fundamentals
  • Gain an awareness of the ISO55001 required Asset Management Artefacts (e.g. Asset Management Policy, Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) and Asset Management Plans (AMPs)
  • Gain the knowledge to implement ISO 55001 requirements
  • Gain an awareness of change management and communication techniques
  • Gain an awareness of the range of asset management activities needed to reduce Whole of Life Costs.


  1. What is Asset Management

  2. The Role and Worth of Asset Management

  3. ISO 55000 Implementation Process

  4. ISO 5500X Suite

  5. The Concept Model

  6. The Systems Model

  7. The Capability Delivery Model

  8. Asset Management Models Overview

  9. ISO 55001

  10. ISO 55002

  11. Asset Management Policy

  12. Strategic Asset Management Plan

  13. Asset Management Plan

  14. Gap Analysis

  15. Certified Asset Management Assessor (CAMA)

  16. Gap Analysis Process

  17. Develop a Common View for the Future

  18. Steps to Developing a Common View

  19. What Does Good Look Like

  20. Improvement Journey Plan

  21. Transformational Leadership - Adaptability

  22. Transformational Leadership - Executive Involvement

  23. Communication Strategies for Change

  24. ISO 55001 Certification

  25. Program of Defensible Asset Management Activities